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Grove Referrals is a veterinary practice located in Fakenham, Norfolk. We provide top quality care for pets in the surrounding area, referred to us by their own veterinary surgeon for specialist investigation and treatment.

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We aim to provide first-class veterinary care for your pet in a friendly and personal environment and strive to provide the standard of care we would want for our own pets.


Norfolk Based

Grove is situated in Fakenham, Norfolk

  • Fracture Repair

    Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery)

    This is a minimally invasive surgical technique which introduces a small camera on a rigid endoscopy into the joint. This technique can be used for diagnosis and treatment in numerous conditions.

    • 1.9mm – 2.7mm scopes available to manage a wide range of patient sizes.
    • Arthroscopy reduces morbidity in many cases
    • Wound healing is usually uneventful
    • Complications are rare following this technique with high level surgeon experience
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  • Patellar luxation

    Luxation of the patella is common condition affecting the stifle of both cats and dogs, albeit more common in dogs. Many small breeds are affected including terriers and toy breeds, as well as large breeds such as Labradors and Akitas. Luxation can occur in a medial (inwards) or lateral (outwards) direction.

    Our surgeons have collectively over 25 years of experience of manging this condition

    • Surgical treatment can lead to excellent outcomes in many patients
    • Osteotomies can be necessary to correct underlying deformities in some patients.
    • Without surgical intervention osteoarthritis may be a more significant clinical problem
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  • Fracture Repair

    Diagnostic Imaging (CT/MRI)

    Advanced imaging predominantly refers to CT and MRI scans. These techniques allow 3-dimensional imaging to assess complex areas such as the spine or complexes disease such as angular limb deformities.

    • On-site 16 slice CT scanner
    • Visiting 1.5T MRI
    • Access to urgent specialist radiologist report as and when required
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  • Hip Replacement

    This procedure is used to treat severe and painful diseases of the hip in patients who do not respond well to medical treatment. This can be a life changing procedure, bringing comfort and improved mobility in most.

    • Cemented and cementless techniques are available
    • All sizes of dogs can be treated
    • Developments in implant technology now allows management of feline patients.
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  • Fracture Repair

    A fracture is a break in the bone which can occur anywhere in the body from head to toe. These fractures can be simple or complex affecting any area of the bone. When rest and splinting are not appropriate, surgery is required which can lead to a more rapid and predictable recovery. Our aim is to return patients to normal or as near to normal function wherever possible.

    • Our surgeons have vast experience of managing an array of cases.
    • Internal and external fixation techniques are available.
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  • Fracture Repair

    Cruciate Ligament Rupture

    Disease of the cranial cruciate ligament is a common cause of lameness and the most frequent condition we treat at MVS. We expect the majority of our cases to have a very favourable outcome following surgical management of this debilitating condition.

    • TPLO is our preferred treatment
    • Recent research suggests TPLO gives the best functional outcome
    • Other techniques can be performed in appropriate cases.
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Why Choose Grove?

Veterinary professionals

Our surgeons have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields and their skills are enhanced by support from surgical assistants and a fully trained nursing staff.

The professional and efficient service we provide is only possible by ensuring a close and friendly working relationship with referring veterinarians. This helps maximise the benefit to the patient and clients referral experience.

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Pet owners

One of the hardest parts of being an owner is dealing with a pet when they become unwell. Your vet will be able to deal with many ailments but as there has been marked development in possible treatment options for pets there are some conditions that require specialist treatment. Like a GP doctor might refer you to a consultant, your pet may need help from a specialist. If your pet requires our help, your vet can arrange to refer you and your loved one to see a member of our team of Specialist surgeons.

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Based in Norfolk

Grove Referrals,
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